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Cibus Vitae is an approved Alcohol Wholesaler firm founded in 2018 by a small group of like-minded friends who are passionate lovers of wines. Our philosophy is simple, we want to give voices to small and micro wine producers across the region of Apulia and beyond by selecting the best grapes, give life to those incredible wines and finally have their story told. In following our beliefs we guarantee our clients with an authentic taste of top quality wines.

Our mission is to become the first chosen importer to small and micro vineyards in our region and beyond, who cannot afford to export their wines abroad and would like to be recognised but most importantly have their wines appreciated.  

History of the Vineyeards

In the vast Italian enology, a new story takes shape in the then little-known territory in the wine world, the Daunia, more precisely in the countryside of San Severo.

The challenge starts from a beautiful hill of the Upper Tavoliere, the Coppadoro, from where you can admire the Gargano, the Subappennino and the endless Tavoliere delle Puglie.

Two entrepreneurs, partners at work and friends in life, both passionate about the land, one for tradition since childhood, the other for knowledge and passion, decided to give life to Tenuta Coppadoro. We are in 1999, even if studies and territorial projects have their roots in more dated times. With the collaboration of other childhood friends, the project and the dream come true in 2001.

Coppadoro's mission was immediately to enhance its territory through the creation and production of high quality products in the wine sector. In order to achieve the ambitious objectives, it has always endowed itself with the best, both in terms of high technology in all company functions, which gives the company high added value, both in terms of professionalism, entrusting the oenological direction to prof. Riccardo Cotarella.

In more recent times, in a phase of profound business transformation, the control of the Estate passes entirely in the hands of the Sannella family, which brings new stimuli and enthusiasm, useful for achieving ever more ambitious objectives, both enhancing the territorial importance and increasing the almost maniacal search for quality.

A team made up of young local resources, with great skills, happy and enthusiastic about being part of the history of Coppadoro, a story to be transmitted to the markets through the creation of the best products of a generous land. Native vines cured with love and awareness of their importance, the rediscovery and conservation of traditions, make Coppadoro a missionary who tells of uncompromising quality wines.

About CibusVitae

Cibus Vitae is an approved Alcohol Wholesaler firm by a small group of passionate lovers of wines.

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