Tradition And Passion

San Severo: where wine has the taste of history

Tenuta Coppadoro lies in a natural basin held between Gargano and the Sub Appenino Dauno in a very particular climactic context.

The microclimate is mild and always ventilated thanks to the nearby Adriatic Sea and the nature of the Limestone clay soils allow the grapes to mature in a progressive and balanced manner.

The choice to produce mainly wines that come from the two most popular native vines – the Bombino and the Nero di Troia – reflect the choice to valorise the territory and its products.

Daunia - An area to be discovered

The territory of Daunia starts from the extreme north of Puglia and extends southwards, between the Promontory of the Gargano and the Sub Appennino.

It is a territory to be discovered, rich in interesting natural, religious and historical places: the Tremiti archipelago, San Giovanni Rotondo, Peschici, Monte Sant'Angelo and Vieste, Lucera, Troia or even the suggestive lakes of Lesina or Varano.

In the Daunia, nature reserves endless surprises, like the oranges that ripen all year round, the Umbra Forest, with its deer colonies, hunting territory preferred by Emperor Frederick II of Swabia and the 60 varieties of wild orchids that bloom in the Mattinata area.

But the "Porta del Gargano" is also known for the frank and generous character of its people, which is found in the region's food and wine tradition. From the fresh fish caught with the traditional "trabucco", to the cheeses with a very sweet heart and oils with an intense aftertaste, we discover unforgettable flavors and suggestions.

But a place apart from it is up to the wine. San Severo is at the foot of the Gargano, in the heart of Daunia, an area particularly suited for the cultivation of quality vineyards as evidenced by the DOC received in 1968 first in Puglia and sixth in Italy, is the flagship of an economy able to make every vine, every plot, every innovation best yield. With a certainty: to bring the unmistakable bouquet of the land of Puglia on everyone's lips.

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